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The Wacoal< Pink Ribbon Fitting Campaign >

As always, the photos taken by our own photographer Peter Han with Tsuruoka Hinata.
It was the most wonderful completion of the work.

2014.01 MAISON Magazine

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
Model:Choo Sung Hoon & Choo Sa Rang
Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sa Rang are the most popular father and daughter in Korea now.
It was the first time to photo shoot in Tokyo. They made people very happy with a lovely smile!


Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 2.57.45 PM.png
The Wacoal< Pink Ribbon Fitting Campaign > also was taken by our own photographer Peter Han on a strong request by Eto Kimiaki who projected and designed this campaign. Model was Anne and Taniguchi Ran. According to the purpose of the campaign, the great works has been completed.

Happy point Card

EMI- Happy Point 2  0601.mp4_20120626_104059.618.jpg EMI- Happy Point 3  0601.mp4_20120626_102603.314.jpg EMI- Happy Point 4  0601.mp4_20120626_104357.459.jpg EMI- Happy Point 55  0601.mp4_20120626_104831.318.jpg EMI- Happy Point 66 0601.mp4_20120626_105143.198.jpg EMI- Happy Point 1 0601.mp4_20120626_105020.206.jpg
"Happy Maker",Emi Renata is appearing in the CM of Happy point Card. She made people happy with her special dance and big smile during the stooting.

So Natural

so'natural - 코스메디컬 과학을 만나면 피부가 자연입니다3.flv_000001628.jpgso'natural - 코스메디컬 과학을 만나면 피부가 자연입니다3.flv_000007767.jpgso'natural - 코스메디컬 과학을 만나면 피부가 자연입니다3.flv_000012739.jpgsonaturalcosmetic - YouTube.flv_000002436.jpgsonaturalcosmetic - YouTube.flv_000006106.jpgsonaturalcosmetic - YouTube.flv_000013647.jpg

The concept of Korean cosmetic brand "Sonatural" was the Wind, Rain, Sunlight. Nana got a good review that she was the best suited model for brand "Sonatural".

Samgsung Galaxy Note

Galuxy Note 2012-04-27.mp4_000002769.jpgGaluxy Note 2012-04-27.mp4_000008141.jpgGaluxy Note 2012-04-27.mp4_000001468.jpgGaluxy Note 2012-04-27.mp4_000007807.jpgGaluxy Note 2012-04-27.mp4_000011111.jpgGaluxy Note 2012-04-27.mp4_000014314.jpg

Nanami led to the good atmosphere with her own charm in the lovable pink & white set.Even though it was very hard shooting  to take a long time in the bath, she showed us the best performance.

Hyundai Genesis


Kuwata Naoki is appearing Hyundai motor, Genesis.Own his luxury image was perfectly matching to the concept of the pesante brand value.


SPICYCOLOR 2012 SS-a.jpg
We had a special shooting 2012 S/S in Tokyo followed by last year. With the motto ““Joy★Play★Love””, total 10 models including ordinary people gave off the most colorful motion with their own various individuality and charm.

Samgsung Galaxy Note


Mona showed us the most adorable performance in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. Even though it was first public AD for her career, exactly she did what her client wanted for making a pleasant image of the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Camera NX200

nx200.mp4_1.jpg nx200.mp4_2.jpg nx200.mp4_3.jpg nx200.mp4_4.jpg nx200.mp4_5.jpg nx200.mp4_6.jpg
This is a debut work for Nakajima Ayumu in Korea CM. Despite the hot weather in Thailand, he worked till the end with a brilliant performance wearing heavy clothes. A beautiful landscape of Thailand and the model’s handsome face were perfectly matched to make ideal mood for Camera CM.

Samsung Galuxy S.

TETSU.1.jpg TETSU.2.jpg TETSU.3.jpg TETSU.4.jpg TETSU.5.jpg TETSU.6.jpg  

This is Tetsu's second Korean work after Smartphone Galuxy S. On a futuristic set, he performed like a hero of Star Wars with his mysterious face.

Wacoal Breast Care Act.

DAISUKE, LILLIAN are appeared in the Wacoal Campaign "Breast Care Act". Both of them are agreed with the idea of Pink Ribbon and showed us natural expression. It was the most wonderful completion of the work. The casting by Blessworld and the photos taken by our own photographer Peter Han, projected & designed by Eto Kimiaki. We could see them in this Pink Ribbon's month about 2100 shops all over the country. We could see them in this Pink Ribbon's month about 2100 shops all over the country.



We had an A/W photographing followed the S/S' of the last year. Our top models, Higashide Masahiro and Emily, showed a lovely couple role. The photographer, Tokumasu Junichiro, completed an awesome shoot with his own offbeat senses.





BW1-300.jpg BW3-300.jpg

Kyogetsu Green

  (1) (2).jpg(1) (3).jpg(1) (4).jpg(1) (5).jpg(1) (6).jpg(1) (7).jpg  

Sony cybershot-tx5

Sony_1.jpg Sony_2.jpg Sony_3.jpg Sony_4.jpg Sony_5.jpg Sony_6.jpg

Galaxy_s any call

Galaxy S_1.jpg Galaxy S_2.jpg Galaxy S_3.jpg Galaxy S_4.jpg Galaxy S_5.jpg Galaxy S_6.jpg

Hyundai Mobis

 mobis1.jpg mobis2.jpg mobis3.jpg mobis4.jpg mobis5.jpg mobis6.jpg

Tucson ix クール過ぎなあなたへ

 Kyosuke1.jpg Kyosuke2.jpgKyosuke3.jpg Kyosuke4.jpgKyosuke6.jpg Kyosuke7.jpg Daisuke1.jpg Daisuke2.jpg Daisuke3.jpgDaisuke4.jpg Daisuke5.jpg Daisuke6.jpg

Tucson ix 2秒くらい迷ったら...

Tucsan_Kuwata_1.jpgTucsan_Kuwata_2.jpgTucsan_Kuwata_3.jpgTucsan_Kuwata_4.jpgTucsan_Kuwata_5.jpgTucsan_Kuwata_6.jpg tucsan1.jpgtucsan2.jpg tucsan3.jpg tucsan4.jpg tucsan5.jpg tucsan6.jpg

Baskin Robbins 31 "episode Banana" on air now.

  Komatsu Nana3101.jpg  

Komatsu Nana_31000000033.jpg Komatsu Nana_31000002035.jpg Komatsu Nana_31000005905.jpg Komatsu Nana_31000008908.jpg Komatsu Nana_31000013446.jpg Komatsu Nana_31000014848.jpg


NaNa, the model from the Baskin robbins 31 who makes people to smile automatically. The popular Korean director Park Myong Chun worked with Nana, and shows her sweetness and freshness in the film. CM→Click here

東方神起의 영웅재중. 후지TV드라마 캐스팅 확정!


baskin robbins31

baskin robbins_0.jpg baskin robbins31_1.jpg baskin robbins31_2.jpg baskin robbins31_3.jpg baskin robbins31_4.jpg baskin robbins31_5.jpg

Sony Cyber-Shot “TX-1”CM

sony01.jpg sony02.jpg sony03.jpg sony04.jpg sony05.jpg sony06.jpg
Ms.josi is appearing in the CM of Sony cyber shot 「TX-1」. This CM is televising in Asia.

Kia Motors China “Soul”

Soul01.jpg Soul02.jpg Soul03.jpg Soul04.jpg Soul05.jpg Soul06.jpg
Mr.Kuwada Naoki is appearing in the CM for “Soul” which is Kia Motors China. This CM Filmed in sanghai last October.

“TAO” is appearing in marie claire Korea!

Projected by Bless World, Marie Clare Korea the November was decorated by the photos taken by the photographer Peter Han.

With the Worldwide model Tao in the studio located in Chiba, Photographer Peter Han put his special sentient style in taking those pictures, which made Tao look perfectly matching those different colored clothes creating different images.
It turned out the wonderful masterpiece.
Please see more details at the Marie Clare Korea the November!

Photographer:Peter Han
Stylist:Tsuyoshi Kurata
Make up:Rie Sekine
Hair:Kazuya Matsumoto

Kim Heejung [KDDI Zero Zero Wonderful 2009]

Kim Heejung
Kim Heejung Kim Heejung Kim Heejung Kim Heejung Kim Heejung Kim Heejung
Japan’s advertising market is famous for being conservative. Normally, a specific model represents a company’s brand, and appears in advertising for a long time. For a talent who suddenly gained popularity, it is rare to start appearing in a number of commercials, even if he/she is currently one of the top stars. Also, it seems not so easy for a model from another country to appear in advertising.

The first Korean model to move into such Japanese advertising market is Ms. Kim Heejung (41), who appeared in Japanese telecom company KDDI’s international phone service advertising in 1990. At that time, the advertising was a series that introduces beauties in the world successively, who recommend using the international phone service. Ms. Kim Heejung was not a famous talent or a top model, but her beauty was very much talked about in Japan nationwide.

With the popularity of Ms. Kim Heejung, Japan’s advertising market gradually changed and became more open to Korean models. Talent “Lee Hae-sook”, “Choi Yoon-hi” who is known as Asian mermaid, “SOS” which is an idol group of 4 girls popular at that time were active as models. Model agency “Blessworld” specializing in casting Japanese models in Korea, evaluated that “Ms. Kim Heejung is the first model to convey the image to Japanese people that Korean woman is beautiful.”

Aforementioned Ms. Kim Heejung is going to be appearing as KDDI’s advertising model again, after 18 years. She is now a mother and she appears with her two children and calls out “Zero Zero Wonderful!” Blessworld mentioned that Ms. Kim Heejung will visit Japan sometime soon for promotion, and she plans to do autograph session, too.

Website: click here


Motrola "ROKR" CM

Motorola Motorola Motorola Motorola Motorola Motorola
Mr. Ken Jenkins is appearing in the CM for ROKR, which is a stylish music phone.

Nescafe CM

Nescafe Nescafe Nescafe Nescafe Nescafe Nescafe
Mr. Naoki Kuwada is appearing in the CM for Nescafe's new product, which enables you to feel its aroma and the taste without going to France.